Stone Athens

Welcome to our vibrant hideaway in the heart of Athens! Indulge in delightful coffee, scrumptious brunch, exquisite cocktails, and flavorful dinner.

Unique View to Acropolis Heart of Athens

Exquisite food, unforgettable atmosphere...

Join Us For A Gastronomic Adventure!

Welcome to Stone Athens, where culinary craftsmanship meets a passion for the Mediterranean palate. Our establishment is more than just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of flavors, cultures, and connections. Indulge in the heartiest brunch experience, where every dish is a fusion of tradition and innovation, served in an atmosphere that radiates warmth and sophistication.


About Us

Our restaurant is ready to welcome you at all hours of the day. You will enjoy a healthy breakfast, delightful brunch, Mediterranean flavors, and dine later in the evening, always with a view of the beautiful Acropolis. In our cellar, you will find exquisite wines and a wide variety of premium beverages. We are located in the heart of Athens, in Monastiraki, and we will be delighted to share our inspiration with you.

Brunching bliss

Indulge in our sumptuous brunch offerings, where creativity knows no bounds. From classic favorites to innovative twists, our brunch menu is a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate.

Mediterranean Marvels

Our heart and soul lie in Mediterranean cuisine. With every bite, you'll taste the sun-soaked ingredients, the rich history, and the vibrant culture. Our chefs craft each dish as an ode to the coastal treasures and culinary traditions of the Mediterranean.

Cocktails & Wines​

Elevate your experience with our thoughtfully curated selection of cocktails and wines. From refreshing concoctions that invigorate your senses to wines that are a testament to the art of viticulture, our bar is a haven for connoisseurs.

An amazing atmosphere in the very heart of Athens, in the historic centre. The food is excellent, top quality meat, great service! It is my new favorite place. A true gastronomic gem in Athens! 

Spiros Zannias